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Katie Silverthorne

I'll take the hassle out of your audio project

How I can help you

I love my audio work. Each and every new project becomes my current favourite!

 I have narrated over 40 audiobooks, all of which are available on Audible, Amazon and iTunes.  I also have extensive experience with ACX, so can guide you through the publishing journey.  

In fact, you won’t have to do a thing as I handle all aspects of your project with ease, so you can forget about it until it’s done.

I cover all projects from telephone answer messages, adverts, gaming, video to full length audiobooks.

High quality audio
Professional studio
Audio accuracy
Fast turnaround


Explainer Videos

Let's chat and see how I can help you!

Not sure how to proceed with your audiobook?  

Or feel I’d be a good fit for your magazine or podcast?  

Drop me a line and we can have a chat.