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Katie Silverthorne looking at a hanging air plant in a museum

I predominantly write about Multiple Sclerosis, entrepreneurship, disability rights and mindset.  My aim is to lift up the community of those with invisible disabilities and help them to feel more included in society.

I am the author of an Amazon #1 Bestseller, ‘Mumpreneur On Fire 4’ and my second book, ‘MS Is My Superpower,’ will be available soon.

I have written articles for magazines such as ‘In The Moment,’ and ‘Runner’s World’, and numerous blogs.

In my writing I aim to motive, inspire and encourage those who find themselves with a chronic illness diagnosis.

It’s important to me that those who are on the journey somewhere behind me (I have Multiple Sclerosis) can see that their diagnosis does not mean the end of their life.  Their life can be vibrant, beautiful and fun!

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